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Trauma Surviving and Hope

Psycho-educational Booklet-Series by the NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving

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Many young people suffer from the effects of traumatic experiences. To provide youth with an understanding of impacts accompanied by trauma, the booklet series “Trauma Surviving and Hope” addresses post-traumatic symptoms. In various picture stories, problems faced after emotional injuries like sleeplessness, lack of concentration, loss and grief, anxiety, anger and aggression and dark memories are described and strategies to alleviate them are suggested.

Young people can read the stories on their own. The booklets can also be used in various psycho-educational settings and as motivation for young people to seek psycho-therapeutic help in dealing with traumatic experiences.

About the booklet series

Four booklets about sleeplessness, concentration problems, avoidance and loss and grief are already available in English, German, Arabic and Farsi/Dari. In total, 10 stories and further translations are planned. The stories are aimed at young people of 12 years and above from all over the world who are suffering from the effects of traumatic experiences. The booklets do not specify the traumatic experience that causes symptoms, in order to enable different possibilities for the reader to identify with the protagonist.

NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving

The series was conceived and realised by the NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving, an interdisciplinary and international group of experts in the field of trauma survival, hosted by Barbara Preitler, co-founder and psychotherapist at Hemayat.


We are looking for cooperation partners to finalise the booklet series and support the printing and distribution process. With the booklet series we aim to reach as many people as possible and support traumatised young people in their trauma surviving process. For further information please get in contact with us at office@act-n-o-w.com