Promoting collaboration, thinking across international borders, developing solutions and working with the utmost commitment – in order to safeguard social cohesion.

We help to build national and international networks for new civil-society initiatives, NGOs, institutions, public organisations and experts. The first International Mayors’ Conference NOW on refugee and migration policy took place in Vienna in 2016. Four further conferences have been held since then, in Athens, Vienna and Kampala.

Who we are

Act.Now is an enterprise based on a private initiative and that acts nonpartisan and internationally, based in Vienna.

What we want

We experience profound changes in society. Act.Now aspires to a respectful and appreciative social coexistence to be possible in the near and distant future.

What we do

  • Act.Now encourages people to take on more responsibility in their respective social environment.
  • Act.Now connects active individuals and initiatives in order to be more effective together.
  • Act.Now provides information about social changes and their impact, to promote the discussion of new solutions.
  • Act.Now therefore uses formats that are both cognitively and emotionally effective.