Mathis Dippon

Project Manager

Mathis studied Politics and Public Administration & Professional Public Decision Making

Responsible for: NOW Mayors Network, NOW Promising Practices, Conference Design

Questions he is working on:

How can municipalities strengthen social cohesion in diverse communities?

How can we design conferences and meetings to initiate local action?

How to properly pronounce words in Viennese dialect?

Laura Giesen

Project Manager

Laura holds an MSc in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy

Responsible for: NOW Local Action Forums, NOW Promising Practices, and sustainability measures

Questions she is working on:

How can we facilitate an exchange of experiences that leads to tangible change on the local level?

How can we minimise the ecological footprint of international events?

What is the best way to transport wood for DIY-furniture projects on the bicycle?

Nadine Korn

Project & Event Manager

Nadine holds a Law degree from the University of Vienna.

Responsible for: Event Management, Legal Issues and Travel and Visa Arrangements

Questions she is working on:

How to ensure and safeguard the rights of children and young people?

How to have fruitful dialogues in times of growing polarisation?

Why is nobody ever reading my emails carefully enough?

Manuela Kräuter

Programme Director

Manuela is a passionate campaigner, a policy influencing expert and an experienced programmatic professional

Responsible for: Programme development and resource mobilisation

Questions she is working on:

How to develop the Act.Now Network into an even more powerful and effective force to drive positive social change on community level?

What is needed to successfully tap into knowledge, experience and resources to strengthen social cohesion and counter division and polarisation?

Sulaiman Al Mahmoud


Studied English literature and is trained in office management and integration-coach. (Cultural Management)

Responsible for: Administrative tasks, Contacts and Supplies

Questions he is working on:

How to ensure most competent communication with all Act.Now partners?

What is the best method to transport all supplies on time?

Why am I the only one who wants to eat chicken everyday?

Catrin Neumüller

Senior Advisor

Studied German, History, Philosophy, worked as TV-journalist, key account, production, project and general manager in media, arts and culture

Responsible for: Executive Management

Questions she is working on:

How to develop and bring forward the organisation of Act.Now and how to get projects on the ground to reach our goals?

What is therefore the next step, what is needed and how can productive conditions be created?

Why does almost everything take so long and where has the time gone?

Robert Schafleitner

Communications Manager

Robert holds degrees in Communication and Political Science

Responsible for: Communication, press and media inquiries, design and outreach, NOW Promising Practices

Questions he is working on:

What is the best way to communicate about social cohesion on the local level?

How to break down complex issues in easily readable texts?

How many columns can an excel spreadsheet have?

Katharina Zangerl

Project Manager

Katharina studied Political Science with a focus on conflict resolution.

Responsible for: NOW Youth Programme, Trauma Surviving and Hope Booklet-Series, Event Facilitation

Questions she is working on:

How to promote understanding and connectivity among polarised groups?

What are possibilities to empower young people in becoming change makers?

Where in Vienna can one get Carbonara as good as in Rome?

Uta Zeuge-Buberl

Project Manager

Uta holds a doctoral degree in Protestant Theology, with a special emphasis on Intercultural Theology and Religious Studies

Responsible for: NOW Mayors’ Network, research and publication

Questions she is working on:

How to put knowledge into action on the local level by using all available resources and working on a sustainable outcome?

How to support and mayors and decision makers to create inclusive, peaceful and cohesive societies?