Upcoming Public Panel Discussion

AGENTS OF CHANGE - African Youth between Narratives and Realities

December 12 2017, Vienna

Since 2015, when the then current influx of refugees reached its climax in Europe, no other topic was discussed as intensively and as ambiguously than migration and flight. This year’s topic of the AU-EU Summit in November was “Investing in the youth for a sustainable future”. With the world’s largest population under 18, Africa is the youngest continent. The experience of conflicts, demographic growth, repressive regimes and the lack of job opportunities are substantially challenging Africa’s youth. 

Several conferences, workshops and public debates have been held on this topic. The discussions are to be continued. How can African youth, in all their diversity, become stakeholders that can bring about relevant change in their countries? How can they be supported from abroad, what do they expect from their governments? How can the narrative on African migration be modified to match reality? These and other questions will be addressed and discussed by the distinguished panellists.

New YouTube Series “Mensch”

Act.Now and Ferdinand Sarnitz launch the new series "Mensch". In interviews with outstanding people from various backgrounds and continents he asks a set of 16 questions in an effort to find out who they are, how they think, and what drives them to do what they do.

The series “Mensch” aims to inspire and motivate viewers by exploring why and how outstanding people with different backgrounds engage in the cohesion of our societies. The interviews have been shot in the course of recent NOW Conferences, NOW Working Groups and other events initiated by Act.Now.

Why we need to act NOW

“We are living at a turning point in history, which will leave no stone unturned. We need to learn to react to this situation in a prudent, circumspect and caring manner. [...] It makes no sense to bury our heads in the sand and hope that the storm will pass without affecting us personally.”
— André Heller