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Psychoeducational Booklet-Series “Trauma Surviving and Hope” by the NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving


We all know injuries of the body: bruises after being hit, burns when our skin has come into contact with something too hot, cuts when something sharp or spiky has touched our skin…

In the same way our body can suffer from injuries, also our soul can be injured. Injuries of the body are usually visible. Emotional injuries are invisible and therefore much harder to understand: for the injured person as well as others. This story is about such an emotional wound.

Are there things that frighten you because they remind you of difficult times? Is there something that makes you really sad and you don’t want to talk about it? Are there others who cannot understand why you don’t feel like doing something you liked doing before? Do you just want to be left alone – or on the contrary – need someone close by? As you will see, other girls and boys know what you are going through from own experience!

Feeling pain all over your body may be a reaction to terrible events. Some people feel this kind of pain in a specific place in their body, like headache, stomach ache, heart ache, pain in the knees… If you have physical problems please contact a medical doctor.

Your whole body may be in pain. Sometimes doctors cannot find physical explanations for them, but still these pains and aches are really there! The soul hurts so much and has chosen a place in the body to show how bad it is.

This story is about such pains and about how we can understand them. Moreover, it shares ideas about how I can help either myself or others with this problem.


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Further issues

Do you need help?

It’s not easy to resume a normal life after going through difficult experiences, such as violence at home or in foreign countries, war situations or becoming a refugee. Many things change and sometimes you may not be sure about yourself anymore.

Sometimes you feel bad without knowing exactly why. In such moments, it is good to have someone who can listen, understand and help. Such a person might be a family member or friend. When we are confronted with major problems, it is also a good idea to see a doctor, healer or so-called psychologists, psychotherapists or
psychological counsellors.

Find Support, close to where you are:


General Concept

The purpose of this publication is to provide young people with an understanding of the impact of grief. In order to reach as many young people as possible, we are looking for partners interested in distributing this booklet, currently available in several languages: German, English, Arabic, Dari-Farsi, …

The first edition was published on the occasion of the 5th International Mayors’ Conference NOW, 29 – 30 January 2018, in Vienna, Austria. It was conceived and realised by the NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving, an interdisciplinary and international group of experts in the field of trauma survival.

For further information please get in touch with office[at]act-n-o-w.com